GIF From the Heart – New Work by Croatian Street Artist, Lonac

Known for his large-scale, hyper realistic murals, a new piece byLonac gives life to the walls of an abandoned building in Zagreb. Incorporating piping on the ceiling as a part of the work, the deteriorating interior is transformed into a human heart pumping blood, the very thing that reassures us that we are alive.  Releasing several process images of the new work, that artist revealed that “this is just a small piece of a much bigger project, so there’s a reason why the blood is pumping in a different direction”.


Process images of "heArtbeats", (2016).

Process images of ‘heArtbeats’, (2016)

Lonac frequently incorporates animals, nature, portraits and everyday objects in painstakingly realistic spray painted murals that form a personal narrative of the life of the artist himself. Last year he created Allegory of Peace and War, which he describes as, “a metaphor of the eternal battle between good and evil in its most direct manifestation.”

Allegory of Peace and War, Sarajevo (2015)

‘Allegory of Peace and War’, Sarajevo (2015)

The towering building facade in Sarajevo portrays a woman juggling a jar of olives as a symbol of peace in one hand that is juxtaposed with a jar of aggressive Siamese fighting fish in the other. The artist’s choice of representing this allegory in Sarajevo is a public reminder of the devastation of war that took place there only two decades ago.

As a sneak preview for his current project, Lonac has created an intricately detailed stop-motion GIF entitled “heArtbeats” 2016.

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Lonacheart-1 copy

‘heArtbeats’, Zagreb (2016)


Written by Kelly Foster

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