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DIS / Inheritance series: Hrvoje Slovenc

The Sunbathers, 2014

The first photographer in our DIS / Inheritance series to be featured is Hrvoje Slovenc. Currently based in the US, Slovenc is one of Croatia’s most respected and celebrated young photographers.

The complexities of identity have been the subject of Hrvoje Slovenc’s work for well over a decade now. Ambitious and thoughtful, his images operate diachronically, in such a way that they are best viewed within the context of the entire oeuvre. As an ongoing project, it dispels the pre-postmodern view that identity is reducible to a singularity. It suggests that notions of a true or real self is more of a fiction than an ontological certainty that can be discovered, found, or revealed. Instead, what one locates in the work is a collectivity of multiple selves that are metaphorized as rooms one walks through. More challenging still, Slovenc explores just how culturally bound identity is, sutured as it is to a series of times and places, a tangle of cultural specificities and limitations.” – Don Mengay. Excerpt from DIS / Inheritance: New Croatian Photography.

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