Female Designers: Sanja Iveković

Sanja Ivekovć (b. 1949 in Zagreb) is considered to be one of the leading artists from the former Yugoslavia. Her work deals with the representation of women in society through photography, video art, sculpture, installation and performance as well as graphic design. Ivekovć studied graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts Zagreb from 1968 – 1971 and upon graduating she started doing grpahic design for books, magazines and poster design. She worked at the graphic Institute for Women’s Informational Center and for the publishing house, Zora. She was the visual editor of the magazine Kruh i ruže (Bread and Roses) published by Women’s Informational Documentarial Center. She was the first artist in Croatia to label herself a feminist artist, and played a key role at the Center for Women’s Studies in Zagreb since it opened in 1994. She separates her work in design from her art practice because she believes that inside one medium, one should be governed by the laws of that medium. Her work in the area of design is done professionally without being mixed with attitudes and poetics of her art practice.

Source: Dizajnerice by Oaza Collective

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