Female Designers: Nada Falout

Nada Falout was born in 1933 in Zagreb, where she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. After graduating in 1959, Nada Falout was engaged in painting in many different media and disciplines from drawing to gouaches, pastels, oils and acrylics, collage and murals. She explored different stylistic expressions: abstract expressionism, surrealism, fantasy and informal figurative work. In addition to painting, she was actively involved as a graphic designer from 1960 onwards. Falout worked as an art therapist at Jankomir Mental Hospital where she founded the first scientific group for psycho-social work and occupational therapy in the US. She spent a number of years dedicated to this work which resulted in several group exhibitions of artworks by patients, as well an international exhibition which has toured most of the world.

On a study visit to London in 1971 she acquired her first work experience as a graphic designer in a department store that made propaganda material for the US. At the same time she collaborated with Zagreb’s leading theaters in 1978 forming posters and program booklets using collage and photography techniques. She also collaborated with the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb between 1984 and 1989 creating posters in a very specific style and format for the Opera, Theater and Ballet performances. Falout is a permanent associate of the publishing house Školska Knjiga since 1988 and is responsible for creating dictionaries, technical books and other publications. She worked in graphic design for the rest of her life developing logos for numerous businesses as well as different cultural and sporting facilities.

Source: Dizajnerice by Oaza Collective


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