263 Bowery New York NY


Notes on Undoing


November 20, 2014

December 20, 2014



Garis & Hahn
263 Bowery
New York, NY 10002

November / December 2014, at Garis & Hahn, NYC.

Notes on Undoing  is a five-week visual arts exhibition featuring painting, photography, collages, sculpture, video and film work created by a selection of artists, including Igor Eškinja (Rijeka, HR, 1975), Vlatka Horvat (Cakovec, HR, 1974), Damir Očko (Zagreb, HR. 1977); Viktor Popović (Split, HR. 1972); Zlatko Kopljar (Zenic, BiH. 1962); Marko Tadić (Sisak, HR. 1979), Dino Zrnec (Zagreb, HR. 1983) and Hrvoje Slovenc (Zagreb, HR. 1976), Igor Grubic (Zagreb, HR. 1969), Ljiljana Mihaljevic (Zupanja, HR.) and Tina Gverovic (Zagreb, HR. 1975).

Curator’s Statement

The exhibition questions the spatial relationship and interaction between objects and subjects.  It gathers the artists that are creating different contexts through fiction and narration to build a dialogue and interact with their works. First decade of the 21st century has produced an artistic language of fragments, and of debased and precarious forms, (found) pictures and objects. These artworks address fractures and contingencies, reflect and confront the contemporary moment – projects often reflect upon hierarchy, freedom, universality, neutrality, equivalence and value. Subjective imagination is inscribed within spatial and temporal discontinuities that attempt to establish disconnected relations, exploring the tensions and ruptures between dominant and visible narratives, constituting shifts and transformations.

Notes on Undoing unfold as multiple perspectives gathering multiple positions  – as undoing the image, undoing narrative, undoing objects, undoing structures, undoing the body, undoing representation, undoing history, undoing institutions, and undoing the exhibition (Branka Bencic). 

Notes on Undoing is proudly supported by Ministry of Culture Republic of Croatia, the Department of Culture of the City of Zagreb, the Department of Culture of the City of Split, the Department of Culture of the City of PulaGaris & HahnDuggal Visual Solutions and 567Global, Ikon Arts Foundation and it’s supporters.